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We Specialize in Bathroom Cabinets and Other Bathroom Remodeling Services in Orlando, FL.

While the kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home, the bathroom is a close runner-up! Your bathroom cabinets can make a statement about your own personal style, and the bathroom is becoming a hot place to remodel and revitalize. There’s no need to be stuck with a drab and dreary bathroom you don’t love. At American Kitchens Inc., we can help transform your bathroom into a place you’ll be happy to spend time in.

Because bathrooms are generally smaller than kitchens, it’s easier to make room in the budget for cabinetry that may be considered lavish for a kitchen. Many homeowners are looking to remodel their bath into a spa-like retreat, a place of relaxation. For this reason, it is easy to see why the kitchen can get the utilitarian cabinets, while the bathroom cabinets can get luxury treatment.

A growing trend in bathroom cabinets is personalizing them with custom options. This can include a place to hang blow dryers, curling irons and brushes on the inside of cabinets; iPod or cell phone chargers; and pull out drawers inside the cabinet box. Homeowners want to make their routine efficient and easy, and this type of thinking is often reflected in the bathroom cabinets of today.

If you’re thinking about updating and personalizing your bathroom, look to our experts at American Kitchens Inc. While our name may specify kitchens, we specialize in bathroom cabinets and other bathroom remodeling services, as well. We would love to help you design a bathroom that will work for your specific needs. Stop by our new showroom today in Orlando, Florida for a free consultation with our professional designers.

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